Studio Я’s FЯEMDE POESIE? series stages works of poetry by authors, who each tell, in their own way, of being foreign and trying to be heard in mainstream society. The series is launching this season with the following volumes of poetry: Yahya Hassan by Yahya Hassan and Fremd by Michel Friedman. Works from today and the recent past join together into a unique »symphony of contemporary poetry.« In all of their differences, all works share a »feeling of foreigness«, which expresses itself as an eloquent political accusation and formulates a longing for an understanding of belonging.

Poetry belongs on stage. It finds a language for that which cannot be translated. Poems come from the spoken tradition, contain oral history. These texts must be intoned, heard, experienced, lived, they must take place to unfurl the emotionality written into them. These stagings are workshop-style. They focus on the performativity of the poems and the political voices of their authors as they examine the feeling of foreigness.

The series continues with the premiere of FREMD, directed by Lena Brasch, at Studio Я on 23/February 2024. With Fremd, Michel Friedman has created a literary masterpiece – a lyrical autobiography that traces the life of a child in post-war Germany who grows up in a society shaped by perpetrators and shares his pain with other marginalised groups such as the Sinti* and Roma*, queers, migrants and refugees. In doing so, Friedman breaks down the protective wall of his public self and gives us an extremely personal insight into his innermost self. Lena Brasch combines the virtuosity of actor Vidina Popov and violinist Rahel Rilling with Friedman’s poetry, thereby highlighting the musical qualities in his language.

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FЯEMDE POESIE? is funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.