»I sometimes imagine my bed to be a cocoon. I am patiently waiting for the day that I am done gestating and am a person again. Until then I can’t be unleashed.«

Anita lives in her own universe on Tumblr under the username CYB3R_ANG3L_3. That’s where she orchestrates her feelings, her pain and fears into a persona, constructing a reality out of the things that have happened to her. Cyberspace is her mouthpiece, through which she conveys her inner self outwards, out of the cocoon of her room (which is the externalised part of her inner self), out of her body, into the fluid, chimera-like world of the digital. Anita is searching for a way out of herself, longing to dissolve in the streams of data, but then something supernatural appears to come up to her.

Cyberangel combines performance with multimedia installation, documenting Anita’s everyday life between pain and comfort in search of transcendence. In the process, the project roams through the digital phenomena of cyber-spirituality and blog culture, as well as trauma, esotericism and loneliness.

Everything in this play is based on true stories. Whether they are real or not is another, much less interesting, question. But you can be sure of this: all of it really happened.

Following the sci-fi play i’m a girl you can hold IRL, Zelal Yeşilyurt is now staging her second work in Studio Я and, in Cyberangel, takes on the role of the performer herself.


World Premiere 14/Dezember 2024

Foto: Esra Rotthoff

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Stage + Costumes

3D Video Animations