Fee Aviv Dubois

Born in Berlin in 2001, Fee Aviv Dubois grew up in the theatre. She began taking piano lessons at the age of 8 and, after two years, was awarded a scholarship for particularly gifted children. As a teenager, she began writing songs and working as a musician at various theatres including the Volksbühne, Ballhaus Ost and Hebbel Am Ufer with directors such as Bonn Park, Leonie Jenning and Martha Mechow, SheShePop, Paula Knüpling and Marina Prados, as well as Schorsch Kamerun amongst others.
At the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, she has worked as music director and musician for Bonn Park's Die Räuber Der Herzen since 2021 and has performed in Christoph Marthaler's production Im Namen der Brise since 2023.

In 2019 she began releasing her first songs as Fee Aviv. A demo version of her song Ladybitch was featured in the German film of the same name, which was screened at the 2022 Reeperbahn Festival and the Achtung Berlin Festival, among others.
With renowned German producer Max Rieger (Casper, Drangsal, Ilgen-Nur, Jungstötter, Mia Morgan) she produced HER, her debut EP released on My Favourite Chords on December 1st.