Isabella Sedlack

Isabella Sedlak

Isabella Sedlak was born in Austria in 1981. She studied theatre, film and media sciences as well as economics in Vienna and Southampton and received various training in music, singing and dance. After working in documentary film and TV, she worked with teenagers and young adults on social competence and political education. She assisted at the Deutsches Theater Berlin and as a permanent assistant at the Maxim Gorki Theater, among others with Yael Ronen, Sebastian Nübling, Lola Arias and Ersan Mondtag. She showed her work VATERSPRACHMUSIK at the 3rd Berlin Autumn Salon. She performed at Ersan Mondtags and Max Andrzejewski's concert THE AMISHS. In January 2018, she staged Ivna Žic's COUNTDOWN BABY or LASS UNS ENDLICH AUFHÖREN as part of Theater ist endlich Theater in the Studio Я. For Die 70. Stunde she developed, together with Lindy Larsson and Yousef Sweid, a play titled FROM HELL WITH LOVE, which was invited to perform at the Malmö Stadsteater and Nationaltheater Mannheim. In June 2019 her staging of Dino Pešut's play Lebensmenschen was honoured with the jury prize at the 2019 competition for young theatre-makers at the Theater Drachengasse in Vienna. Sedlak works as an independent director in Berlin.