Bashar Murkus

Bashar Murkus is a Palestinian playwright and director. Founding member of Khashabi Ensemble, since 2015 he is the artistic director of The Khashabi Theatre, an Independent Palestinian theatre based in Haifa. Through collective research, he develops new plays that both reflect on and engage with the regional Palestinian community. In addition to his work in the field of theater production, he works as a teacher of acting and directing in different universities and institutes. In 2014, Murkus staged The Parallel Time at Al-Midan Theatre in Haifa, dramatizing the highly controversial issue of Palestinian political prisoners imprisoned in Israeli jails. This production caused a turmoil culminating in a dramatic budget cut-down of the theatre. After then, Murkus’ works were produced for different theatres and festivals. At Gorki, he wrote and staged the play Salty Roads in occasion to the series The Myths of the Reality of Studio Я and the video reading Bîra Miriyan (The Well of the Dead) with the text of Yıldiz Çakar for the project Out of Sight – Internationales Dramatiker*innenlabor.