Pugs in Love - Queer Week 2021
17–19/June 2021

Queering the Future

QUEER FUTURE. Coming Soon. In the opening discussion - in cooperation with »Missy Magazine«, the panellists, Olympia Bukkakis among others, take a look through a pair of queer-future-glasses. Over on Instagram, Erklär mir mal… is already setting the mood for Queer Week in advance. The DARK ROOM revisited theatre-film (directed by: Paul Spittler, text: Jchj V. Dussel) celebrates its dark and glittery premiere. In strings attached, Jil Dreyer picks up, together with the audience, the loose strands of queer desire, weaving them into an archive of queer futures. The next day the conversation begun in the opening panel discussion is continued in two Instagram Live talks with Perel, Debora Antmann and Raquel Kishori DukpaQUEER FUTURE. Part 2. A special edition of Hengameh Yaghoobifarah’s podcast, AUF EINE TÜTE, will be recorded live in the yurt in the Gorki Garten. QUEEP, by fleischlin/meser among others, searches for a queer future beyond the preconceived paths. Those who stream DARK ROOM revisited on the second evening will have the opportunity to catch an artist talk about darkrooms and safe(r) spaces following the screening.
The third day of the festival begins with QUEER IN TRANSLATION, a translation workshop in search of queer linguistic forms, in collaboration with Drama Panorama. Queer natural forms are what Daniel Cremer traces together with the participants in the P.A.N. – PERVY AS NATURE eco-sensual workshop. The panel discussion about international queer drama promises to SURF DURCH UNDEFINIERTES GELÄNDE (surf through undefined terrain), with guests including Jayrôme C. Robinet. MIC DROP. Reading Queer Literature is hosted together with »Glitter – die Gala der Literaturzeitschriften« and Drama Panorama and passes the mic to Marine Bachelot Nguyen and Azadê Peşmen, among others. The last chance to see DARK ROOM revisited is followed by an artist talk with actors* from the #actout movement, including Elena Schmidt and Knut Berger. And to top it all off, HYENAZ’ SECRETIONS will turn up the musical heat on every evening: with DJs from the Berlin underground scene and extravagant performers.

Programme overview   Editorial

Das Festival PUGS IN LOVE – Queer Week 2021 wird gefördert aus Mitteln der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Kooperationspartner*innen sind in diesjähriger Edition: »Missy Magazine«, »Glitter – die Gala der Literaturzeitschriften«, SchwuZ und Drama Panorama: Forum für Übersetzung und Theater e.V..
Illustration: © PATU

DARK ROOM revisited
17/18/19/June from 8PM

Dark Room revisited

By Jchj V. Dussel | Directed by Paul Spittler | With texts by Raphaël Khouri

It is high time that the sexual ones lay bare their points of view, their aims, their tendencies for the whole world to see and counter the horror story of the ghost of sexuality with a manifesto of the body, the space itself. 

A chorus of ghosts opens this theatre-film with their request to conceptualise body and mind as inseparably intertwined, to refrain from hiding sexual desire and to aggressively destabilize the familiar, traditional, toxic paths of thought and feeling: to queer the future. Along the way, these undead invite a living person into their utopia of a darkroom that is open to all gender identities, in which truths can only be sensed – into which reality shimmers again and again: light breaks through bliss and lust and reverberating memories and threatening forebodings destroy the idea of a gentle whole. In a highly personal, docu-fictional flashback, the audience witnesses how the invited one made it to the entrance of the queer future in the first place and the path they travelled before.

Quotations are worse than sperm.

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