Jchj V. Dussel

Jchj V. Dussel is a writer and performance-artist. They studied fine arts in the fields of performance, video, painting and free writing in Braunschweig and Istanbul. In 2016 Jchj wrote and directed Laufsteak_In* at StudioЯ of Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin and was honoured with the scholarship author-workshop-prose by the Literary Colloquium Berlin that same year. Jchj founded the performance-collective BR*OTHER ISSUES with Moritz Sauer in 2018, collaborating with other artists – their family_issues, the latest shows were DAYDREAMS & NIGHTSCREAMS at Theater Osnabrück, as well as HERTHA & WERTHER feat. Lucie Mayé in Berlin. 2019 Jchj's Text DARK ROOM was first brought to stage at Schauspiel Hannover.
Jchj is co-pubisher of the queer literary magazine Glitter and is currently enrolled in agricultural sciences.