HYENAZ are Berlin-based sound and movement artists Kathryn Fischer aka Mad Kate and Adrienne Teicher.
The immersive performances, dance tracks, soundscapes, performative installations and a/v works they produce utilize the sonic shape-shifting of field recordings gathered in the process of site-specific works. Since 2015, HYENAZ have undertaken a music, performance and sonic research project entitled Foreign Bodies. At its core, Foreign Bodies is a slow movement journey that explores relationships of bodies in motion and bodies in resistance and interrogates the notion of the »Foreign«. They have visited refugee camps, squats, and intentional communities—prisms through which to examine the ways in which bodies move and collaborate in relation to, in resistance to, and despite management and control of their bodies/movement.
In a series of audiovisual works and performative interventions, HYENAZ examine and challenge the mechanisms that treat the body as a foreign object: a thing to be managed and controlled, an unknown territory even to itself, an »other« to be feared and annihilated.
HYENAZ are in the residency phase of their 6th work in the Foreign Bodies Series entitled Extraction, with support from Fonds Darstellende Künste. Extraction examines extractivist practices in art and specifically within sonics and field recordings in order to develop better accountability practices.