P.A.N. – PERVY AS NATURE Eco-Sensuality Workshop


Eco-Sensuality Workshop

For a long time now, humanity’s relationship to the Earth has been calling out for a radical transformation, a change in perspective on all levels. In order for any kind of future, including a queer future, to be envisioned, humanity must understand itself as a part of that which it was never truly separated from at all — except in some kind of confused, patriarchal dreams of dominance: humans must become natural phenomena, »queer animals,« as Sookee put it. 
Life itself, nature, is genuinely queer and queers are genuine naturally, even if centuries of religious indoctrination have told us something else. Talk about unnatural. Through this process, a kind of nuclear fusion takes place, a real sci-fi where queers begin to »reclaim« their relationship with the earth and discover new practices to live out this relationship. Where sexuality no longer resembles a heteronormative reproductive »act« at all and the essential ecstasy at the foundation of all natural phenomena shimmers through everywhere.

This workshop takes a step in the direction of a queer future, seeking a relationship with nature that is beyond sentimental romance while seeking to liberate from all those violent programs which, for hundreds of years, scratched deep patterns in the collective unconscious like excavators in a coal mine.

To register send an email to ecosensual@gorki.de with an short answer to the following question:

What aspect of what one calls »nature« gives you a sensual, tingling feeling? Plants, mud, water, wind? What is so hot about it? 

We are looking forward to meeting you!

In German or English depending on the preferences of the participants

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Daniel Cremer