a performance of questioning by Ammann/Fleischlin/Kara/Meser & Adolfina

Time seems to be on a threshold: The future cannot be here yet, otherwise love would be love and questions about identity would not expect clear answers. In the present, it appears to still be necessary to talk about it loudly and quietly, linearly and in spirals, and to offer unsatisfactory answers. Because it is not yet acceptable to not walk along the intended paths, not think in normative models and not live the lives prescribed to you, but to feel a way into being instead. To be like, like whom, with whom and around whom it feels good. The performers practice with ambivalent hope in the Gorki Container. QUEEP!

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Das Festival PUGS IN LOVE – Queer Week 2021 wird gefördert aus Mitteln der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Kooperationspartner*innen sind in diesjähriger Edition: »Missy Magazine«, »Glitter – die Gala der Literaturzeitschriften«, SIEGESSÄULE, SchwuZ und Drama Panorama: Forum für Übersetzung und Theater e.V..

Illustration: © PATU

Costume and Make-up design
Diana Ammann
Sound Design