Porträt Sesede Terziyan

Sesede Terziyan

Sesede Terziyan was born in Nordenham in 1981 and studied at the Ernst Busch Academy of the Dramatic Arts. Her first roles took her to the Deutsches Theater Berlin and the Maxim Gorki Theatre. In 2005 she became a co-founder of the Berlin off-theatre Eigenreich. After an engagement in Göttingen she moved to Berlin as a freelance actress and began to collaborate with the Ballhaus Naunynstraße. In 2010 she performed in Nurkan Erpulat’s production Lö Bal Almanya and Verrücktes Blut and was nominated for Best Actress by the Theater heute journal in 2011. Sesede Terziyan acts regularly in film and television productions, including Almanya and The Cut, both directed by Fatih Akın, in the Netflix series Dogs of Berlin and most recently in WaPo Berlin. Terziyan has been part of the Gorki ensemble since the 2013/14 season, where she has worked with the directors Nurkan Erpulat, Yael Ronen und Hakan Savaş Mican, among others. She appears in VERRÜCKTES BLUT directed by Nurkan Erpulat, which was invited to the Theatertreffen festival in 2011.

Ph​​​​​oto: Esra Rotthoff


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