Dokufiktionales Musiktheater von Marc Sinan

Premiere: 17.04.2015
Final Show: 24.04.2016 (Currently no tickets available)

How does one survive a genocide? Komitas Vardapet, priest, composer, ethnomusicologist and singer, was known as the »voice of the Armenians«. In April 1915 he, like hundreds of other Armenian intellectuals, was arrested by the Young Turks, and was one of the 1 in 8 men to survive the first of many successive deportations. But how do you survive survival? Komitas would spend the rest of his life traumatized in psychiatric hospitals in France. 

With a performance and in his compositions, Marc Sinan accompanies the figure of Komitas through a painful maze of memories and the last phase of his life. Komitas sings, Komitas speaks his life and is, at the same time, the voice of the death of an entire people. The atrocities of genocide are interwoven with Komitas' fate, music and the guilt that comes with survival. A nightmare moves in beauty and terror
through a figure, a century and into the present of a region. Where the death marches of 1915 should have ended, in the Syrian desert near Deir ez-Zor, a relentless war now rages against humans and entire peoples once again.

Komitas is a production of MarcSinanCompany andthe Maxim Gorki Theater inBerlin on behalf of the festival SOUNDTRACK Sunder it snows in April- A Passion and Easter,sponsored by the Capital Cultural Fund

Marc Sinan Dokufiktionales Musiktheater


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