Die Übergangsgesellschaft_Maxim Gorki Theater

Die Übergangsgesellschaft

von Volker Braun

All change is the fuel of life! Whether anticipated or dreaded, little in this world seems to have more potential for despair, happiness, drama and comedy than change. This is also evident in Volker Braun’s comedy, and even more so in Lukas Langhoff’s highly playful treatment of this material. A colorful society in transition inevitably has to figure out its purpose while chaos more than mercilessly swings the baton. 
Written by Volker Braun in 1982 and performed in the GDR for the first time in 1988 at the Maxim Gorki Theater, this »socialist passion play« proved to be far more sustainable than the country where it originated. Today, even after a quarter century, his doubtfully desperate characters are still waiting for their future, although a new order has long since passed them by.

Premiere: December 14th, 2013

With English surtitles, excluding the premiere

Stage version
Lukas Langhoff
Stage version
Holger Kuhla


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Tamer Arslan

Mareike Beykirch

Elizabeth Blonzen

Sebastian Brandes

Simon Brusis

Marleen Lohse


Falilou Seck

Volkan Türeli


Till Wonka