Der Untergang der Nibelungen – The Beauty Of Revenge_Maxim Gorki Theater

Der Untergang der Nibelungen – The Beauty Of Revenge

Premiere: 23.10.2014
Final show: 10.10.2015 (Currently no tickets available)

In a whirlwind of unbridled passions – love and hate, greed and revenge – the Nibelungen destroy themselves in the end. The Nibelungen was the name given to the rotating owners of the hoard, an inexhaustible source of prosperity based on the cursed Rheingold. 

It all begins with an unlikely victory and two improbable weddings: Siegfried kills the dragon and wins the legendary hoard. But he rejects the equally-powerful bride betrothed to him, Brunhild, the last daughter of the old gods. He would prefer to marry the beautiful Kriemhild, the sister of the King of the Burgundians, Gunther. And so that ill-fated bargain arranged by Siegfried and Gunther makes the improbable possible: You win Brunhild for me and I'll give you Kriemhild. But the women refuse to play along. The secrets of the wedding night escalate into a political scandal that quickly gets out of control. Now they have to find a scapegoat: Siegfried must die at Hagen's hand. The disaster takes its course and culminates in a woman's revenge on her family: now Hagen shall die, at Kriemhild's hand … 

Through Friedrich Hebbel's impressive revenge drama, Sebastian Nübling and the Gorki ensemble explore recent German history as a suicide attack – and delve into the dark human desire to relentlessly race to destruction.


Premiere: 23. Oktober 2014




Stage lighting



Nora Abdel-Maksoud

Cynthia Micas

Tim Porath


Dimitrij Schaad

Falilou Seck

Aram Tafreshian


Till Wonka

Benita Haacke