Mania_Maxim Gorki Theater


frei nach "Die Bakchen" von Euripides

Premiere: 05.06.2015
Final show: 06.11.2015 (Currently no tickets available)

In the established order of the republic of Thebes, Pentheus rules with an iron fist. There is no room for Dionysus, the demigod who stands for ecstasy, loss of control, and the blurring of borders. But ignorance takes its revenge.: Dionysos does not accept banishment from his native city, he claims his right. In human form, he appears in Thebes and wins the city's seemingly weakest citizens over to his side. He infects women, the elderly and the destitute with his ecstatic cult and takes the city to the limits of a stateof emergency. In his tragedy The Bacchae, Euripides uses Thebes as an example for what happens when the eternal longing for stability and order crosses paths with the need for freedom and destruction of limits.

Belgrade-native director Miloš Lolić calls his adaptation Mania, a search for a place of unbridled freedom in a time of total security.

Directed by
Miloš Lolić in einer Übersetzung von Simon Werle


Stage design




Till Wonka

Aleksandar Radenković

Kostis Kallivretakis

Aram Tafreshian

Dejan Bućin