Im Menschen muss alles herrlich sein

Buchpremiere: Im Menschen muss alles herrlich sein

Jubiläumsausgabe: Prosa der Verhältnisse #20

»But surely the solution is not to transport yourself into a past which you can idealise now because you simply do not remember it.«

How is anyone supposed to be glorious in a country ruled by corruption and oppression, where the only ones who survive are those who submit themselves to a restrictive regime? How is anyone supposed to overcome this experience if no one talks about it, not even after emigrating and not even in a conversation between mother and daughter?

In the new novel Im Menschen muss alles herrlich sein (Glorious People), Sasha Marianna Salzmann tells of times of radical change, from the »meat-grinder time” of perestroika to present-day Germany. In the 20th edition of Prosa der Verhältnisse, Deniz Utlu and Sasha Marianna Salzmann talk about what happens when systems fall apart, and people are swept up in the undertow of events. About mothers and daughters. About times of upheaval.

Illustration: Leyla Sehar

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Denİz Utlu
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