There is probably no other text for the theatre that’s been written and argued about more than Hamlet. The tragedy of a prince that just wanted to take a quick break in his semester abroad for his father’s funeral – but ended up in a vortex of violence, corruption and deception, and became a murderer – focuses on religion, death, philosophy, guilt, in short, on »to be, or not to be«. So it’s a size too big for the little Gorki, right? Christian Weise presents the Container version of Hamlet as a play about a lopsided reunited Germany, the comedic B-side of overwhelmingly vast material that, in the end, is perhaps simply the story of two unequal families that live together but cannot come together.


Premiere on 1/February 2020

Photo: Esra Rotthoff
Stage Photos: Ute Langkafel


Stage design


Fencing choreography

Live music

Live Camera


Mazen Aljubbeh

Kenda Hmeidan

Svenja Liesau

Oscar Olivo

Falilou Seck

Norbert Stöß

Catherine Stoyan

Aram Tafreshian

Tim Freudensprung

Daniel Warland


»Christian Weise’s Hamlet breathes fresh life into an overdone tragedy. It’s a stylistically ambitious, playfully postdramatic and intellectually interesting approach to Shakespeare’s most-performed play – making it a must-see production.«


»Particular highlights are Aram Tafreshian’s stonecold, intense performance as Claudius and Svenja Liesau’s Hamlet, who replaces Shakespearean soliloquies with Gorki-standard out-of-character rants, here caricatured in an exaggerated Berliner dialect with icks and juts aplenty. Jens Dohle delivers a masterful soundtrack that flips from eerie xylophone scores to epic emo-chords on command whenever Liesau yells ›genre change!‹ Overall, Weise delivers a refreshing, self-reflexive piece that is both surprisingly faithful and daringly innovative.«

Nicholas Potter, Exberliner