Ludwig Haugk

Ludwig Haugk was born in 1978 in Hoyerswerda and grew up in Görlitz. As part of his studies in Protestant theology and modern German literature at the Humboldt University, he worked as an editor on an edition of Heiner Müller's complete works. After completing his studies, he spent a year as a dramaturg at the Südthüringisches Staatstheater Meiningen, and then worked as a dramaturg at the Gorki under the direction of Armin Petras for five years. In 2011 he left for the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus. Haugk has been a Gorki dramaturg since he returned for the 13/14 season, also directing the Open Campus festival in 2014. He was senior dramaturg from the 2015/16 season until summer 2019 and, until summer 202, dramaturg and editor of the quarterly Gorki season magazine. He worked as a dramaturg with directors including Sebastian Baumgarten, Nurkan Erpulat, Hakan Savas Mican and Sebastian Nübling.