Theater ist endlich ist Theater 2018

Authors Liat Fassberg, León Siewert-Langhoff, Miroslava Svolikova, Marcus Peter TeschJohannes von Dassel, Ivna Žic

Directors Adrian Figueroa, Branko Janack, Julia Lwowski, Blanka Rádóczy, Isabella SedlakMikaël Serre

Props Katharina Scheicher, Felix Remme

Costume: Anna Kurz, Isabell Reisinger

With Eva Bay, Lisa Marie BeckerMareike Beykirch, Yusuf Çelik, Modjgan Hashemian, Stella Hilb, Daniel KahnLoris Kubeng, Angy Lord, Oscar Olivo, Vidina PopovFelix Utting, Anton Weil, Sabrina Tannen, Hasan Taşgın


What can theatre accomplish in 24 hours? At 10 pm on the fi rst Friday after New Year's, six directors and six writers meet with their audience to exchange ideas at the foyer bar in Studio Я: What can the theatre do to shape the new year? How can art change society? Which stories haven't been told yet, but absolutely must be brought to the stage?

Literally overnight, the writers transform the ideas that have been collected into mini-plays, which the directors then stage with Gorki actors and guest performers over the next day: 24 hours after their fi rst meeting, the audience gets to witness six short premieres in a row!