Modjgan Hashemian

Modjgan Hashemian

Modjgan Hashemian, born 1975 in Berlin, completed her degree programme in choreography at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts.
She has had a diverse career as a dancer and choreographer, a component of which has been examining her Iranian roots in a political context.
Her dance pieces are based on real stories. They present a combination of documentary-style building blocks and a search for interpretations of these stories through her own language of movement. In this she puts the focus on interdisciplinarity. By connecting different art forms together, she not only expands access to her work, but also opens up new possibilities to illustrate additional facets of a topic.
Hashemian presented her pieces Move in Patterns, Don´t Move, In Motion, Game Over, I love I, Kick it! and XX-Riots in cooperation with the Ballhaus Naunynstrasse. In cooperation with the Gorki's Studio Я, she developed 7 sin, news 1 + 2 and Eydi. She worked as a choreographer on director Akram Assam's production of Interview by Ala'a Hussein at the National Theatre Baghdad. At the Theatre Thikwa she devised the dance piece deceleration together with the ensemble. Hashemian has spoken on the ban on dancing in Iran several times. Her works have been presented in dance and theatre studies contexts at the FU Berlin, in Munich and in Hamburg. In addition, she regularly teaches dance workshops in Baghdad, Sulaymaniyah/Kurdistan and Tehran, among others. She conducted workshops on the subject of »Learning German through the Body«. These workshops led to the dance pieces  Der die das Körper, created in collaboration with the Gorki, Marameo e.V. and the school at Zille Park from 2014-2016.

In 2016 Modjgan Hashemian choreographed her dance performance bodytext. In 2017 she is the choreographer of the play Hundesöhne (directed by Nurkan Erpulat). Hashemian also developed the piece YEKI BUD YEKI NABUD (ES GAB JEMANDEN, ES GAB NIEMANDEN) for the Mythen der Wirklichkeit series and the choreographies for Das große Heft and Jugend ohne Gott. In the production Streulicht by Nurkan Erpulat she participated as a choreographer. She also staged Beyond the Bubble with the youth club DIE AKTIONIST*INNEN.



Norouz: Eydi!