Beyond the bubble


Eine Performance des Gorki Jugendclubs Die Aktionist*innen

We met in parallel bubbles, got closer during a time when distance was required, until the bubbles blended into a clusterpile. A room without visible walls or doors. Stretch skin to its limit, does it become porous? For whom? Different bubbles... we take them on and off, like others would clothes. Exploring the »Bubble« as a journey towards a collective BANG!

What does »beyond the bubble« mean to you? This question was at the centre of the Gorki youth club's work this season. In September 2021 they began with improvisation with Gorki ensemble member Yanina Cerón, then turned to writing workshops with Jakob D'Aprile, and worked with choreographer Modjgan Hashemian on the final production.

Stage Photos © Ute Langkafel

By and with Amadeus, Adamou Bance, Sofian Doumou, Tillmann Drews, Zari Eder, Marisol Gallego, Nele Jochimsen, Niclas O’Donnokoe, Rozhina Rastgoo, Caterina Snaidero, Shay Vatandoust 

Premiere on 10/June 2022

Artist Director
Modjgan Hashemian