Queen Lear

»When people who felt connected for a long time suddenly begin to speak in very different languages, the day of judgement is near. Or they are simply all crazy.« The end of an era – the queen is abdicating. She calls her three children in to divide their inheritance, which she ties to public declarations of love. When her favourite child Cordelia refuses to grant her this hollow gesture of submission, Lear casts her out and thus becomes an outcast herself. The self-destruction of a structure believed to be stable is absolute. So vast, so well-known and so eerily contemporary, this old story. Director Christian Weise unfurls with his ensemble a cryptic, poetic and mocking play about the end.

Interview with Corinna Harfouch

Interview with Christian Weise


Premiere on 20/February 2022

Photo: Esra Rotthoff
Stage photos: Ute Langkafel

In an adaptation by
Soeren Voima
Directed by
Christian Weise


Stage design


Collaboration costumes


Stage lighting

Fight Choreography

Camera concept

Live Camera


Emre Aksızoğlu

Mazen Aljubbeh

Yanina Cerón

Tim Freudensprung

Corinna Harfouch

Svenja Liesau

Oscar Olivo

Lindy Larsson

Catherine Stoyan

Aram Tafreshian