Queen Lear

Queen Lear

Turn of the tide. The Queen abdicates. The next generation is now supposed to set things right. Queen Lear calls her three children to share the inheritance, which she ties to public declarations of love. When favorite child Cordelia refuses her hollow gesture of submission, Lear rejects her in stubborn egomaniacal delusion, thus making herself an outcast. The story takes its pernicious course: brutally and bleakly one monstrosity follows the next, all certainties are long since passé. The self-destruction of an order believed to be stable is absolute. 
The eerie feeling of standing on the precipice again today, of witnessing the shattering of our familiar frame of reference without being able to hold up a powerful vision for life, is the starting point for Christian Weise's production of Shakespeare's dark world theater. An abysmal, mocking, poetic, bitter play of the end. »This night makes us all clowns and lunatics, yippie!«

In an adaptation by
Soeren Voima
Directed by
Christian Weise


Stage design


Collaboration costumes


Stage lighting


Emre Aksızoğlu

Mazen Aljubbeh

Yanina Cerón

Tim Freudensprung

Corinna Harfouch

Svenja Liesau

Oscar Olivo

Lindy Larsson

Catherine Stoyan

Aram Tafreshian