12–15/June 2019


1969–2019: Stonewall & Criminal Code Reform – LGBTIQ* movement & AIDS crisis – Berlin Wall & reunifcation – Techno & Loveparade – Gentrification & Remigration. Together with »SIEGESSÄULE« magazine, we discuss queer history in our Opening Panel. The foyer houses the Berlin'69 exhibition in cooperation with Schwules Museum (SMU) and with video works by Sanni Est, Mateja Meded and Liz Rosenfeld. In Studio, director Yony Leyser takes the audience through W(a)rm Holes on a political-personal journey. A Queer Cabaret overloads in small doses with eight solo shows by transnational Berliners. Mareike Beykirch asks Androiden aus Mitteldeutschland about social backgrounds and sexuality. In Sidewalks, queer persons take us on city strolls along their life journeys. In the Prostestkultur Queeren workshop, the PENG!COLLECTIVE teaches activist practices. In From Hell with Love, Isabella Sedlak & Ensemble focus on the queerness of Disney villains. Prosa der Verhältnisse hosts an encounter between literary legend Edmund White and up-and-coming author Jayrôme Robinet. Avant-garde electronica duo HYENAZ close out the festival with an ecstatic concert. The dance floor in the foyer features DJs from the Berlin club scene every night.

The third edition of PUGS IN LOVE rings in the pride season in the middle of June and closes out the Studio season as well. During the festival, 50 years after Stonewall, the Schwules Museum (SMU) will present selected documents of contemporary history in the form of the archival exhibition BERLIN′69 in our Foyer! 

Progamme Overview  Editorial  Trailer

Das Festival PUGS IN LOVE 2019/2020 wird gefördert aus Mitteln der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.  Kooperationspartner*innen: SIEGESSÄULE, Schwules Museum (SMU), Haus für Poesie / poesiefestival berlin, Albino Verlag, Forum Berlin der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung