Peng is an explosive concoction of activism, hacking and art battling the barbarism of our time. Be it the weapon industry, the state-industrial intelligence complex, oil and energy magnates like Shell or Vattenfall or right-wing radical parliamentarians of the AfD: no one is safe, when they launch their PR machineries and tools of infiltration.

They work in decentralised action groups and take all the means into their hands to fight evil that they can find – be it legal loopholes, machine codes or whipped cream. Art serves as an aesthetic reflection room and as burning barricades in the courtrooms, investigative research methods as legitimatory basis for direct actions and to identify the weak points of political opponents.

They favor collectivism, the concept of the polymorphous worker, concrete universalism and free association before property, specialisation, closed identities and the state. Solidarity with the oppressed and the destruction of hegemonic conglomerates are also amongst their favourites. And art, yes, the arts!