Krampus: Pelz und Puderzucker

According to a very old alpine custom, every year in December, drunken young men dress up in shaggy fur coats, carved masks and devil horns. They rampage through the streets of Austrian villages in groups, scaring children with rattling chains, cowbells and rods – and clawing young women for themselves. This nice old tradition, however, is in danger: colourful, glittery and brightly dressed gender conspirators and feminists are invade dancing the »Heimat« (homeland). With rainbow flags and banners in their hands, they proclaim to the world their absurd demands for sexual autonomy and sex education, abortion rights and same-sex marriage. But the old-school Krampuses are striking back to defend the cosy, comfortable »Heimat« against the chaos outside.

Isabella Sedlak and the ensemble leave no stone unturned, robbing these conservative »lads« not only of their toxic masculinity but also their Krampus. They choreograph a change in perspective, in which Krampus, instead of going on the prowl for women as a xenophobic patriot, dismantles the extreme right’s hate and populist propaganda as a soft toy monster – and scrambles the cosy concept of Heimat.


Isabella Sedlak und Ensemble
Directed by
Isabella Sedlak


Stage design




Maryam Abu Khaled

Yanina Cerón

Anastasia Gubareva

Orit Nahmias

Vidina Popov