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A young woman named Elizaveta Bam has locked herself in her room because she’s about to be arrested for a »heinous crime«. Her pursuers want to hand her over to the authorities, without being able to give her a single reason why.
The vague suspicion that this could unfurl into a realistic crime drama quickly vanishes into thin air. The situation turns upside down completely and the existential danger from the beginning transforms into a clownish game.

Together with the Exil Ensemble, Christian Weise investigates the ambiguity of one of the most important texts in the absurdist theatre canon: when the dominant ideology demands absolute uniformity, how can superficial chatter become a tool for criticism?

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Premiere: April 14th, 2018

Stage Photos: Ute Langkafel

A production of the
Exil Ensemble
Directed by
Christian Weise


Stage design

Live music



Fencing choreography



Maryam Abu Khaled

Mazen Aljubbeh

Karim Daoud

Tahera Hashemi

Kenda Hmeidan

Aram Tafreshian