Porträt Tahera Heshemi

Tahera Hashemi

Tahera Hashemi started acting when she was 14. She has appeared as an actor in various international festivals in India, Sweden, Afghanistan and Belgium. She has worked with directors from US, Norway, France, Germany and Iran. From 2010-13 she studied direction at the University of Kabul. During her studies she led various drama projects with children, youth and women together with her company »papyrus«. She performed in the piece War Zone, directed by Lydia Ziemke, in Ballhaus Ost in 2015-2016.
She appeared on the Gorki stage in the 2018/19 season in You are not the Hero of this Story, directed by Suna Gürler. She also performed in DIE HAMLETMASCHINE directed by Sebastian Nübling and ELIZAVETA BAM directed by Christian Weise.

Foto: Esra Rotthoff


Stream: Elizaveta Bam

Stream: Die Hamletmaschine

You are not the hero of this story

Elizaveta Bam

Die Hamletmaschine