AMERIKA I Emre Aksızoğlu fotografiert von Esra Rotthoff; Im Zentrum des Fotos steht ein junger Mann (Schauspieler), um die 30 Jahre, mit blassem Teint und dunklen Locken. Mit leicht geneigtem Kopf blickt er in die Kamera, die ihn leicht von unten, ab Hüfthöhe fotografiert. Sein nackter Oberkörper ist von der Brust abwärts durch eine im Wind wehende Amerika-Fahne verdeckt. Die rechte Hand umgreift ein Geländer. Sein Blick deutet direkt in die Kamera. Im Hintergrund ist ein sonniger Himmel.


Barely out of childhood, Karl Roßmann crosses the ocean in the belly of a steamship. Cast out of Europe, the destination of this deportation is America. He enters a world completely new to him, which is either coming to an end or just emerging anew. Here these »forgotten« persons encounter existences, washed ashore from countries around the world, who search for space, a function, even a fiction, their »enaction« in a way that is just as compulsive as it is merciless. Karl moves and is moved, tries »to pass«, stumbles, and always does his best to finally find »happiness« as a nameless person.

Sebastian Baumgarten reassembles Kafka’s fragmentary novel at the Gorki in fragments of text, sounds and images. As an attempt to track, through the mechanisms of powerlessness, helplessness, injustice, irony and hope, a modern type of human, whose biggest difficulty, so it seems, is to say »no« in the midst of compact logics of exploitation.


Stage adaption with excerpts from »America« by Jean Baudrillard and other texts by Franz Kafka

The extract from »Amérique« by Jean Baudrillard is reproduced with the agreement of the Editions Grasset & Fasquelle (Paris, France)

Foto: Esra Rotthoff


With English surtitles

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With English surtitles


With English surtitles

With English surtitles


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Emre Aksızoğlu

Yanina Cerón

Tim Freudensprung

Kenda Hmeidan

Kinan Hmeidan

Falilou Seck

Till Wonka