Wir Zöpfe_Maxim Gorki Theater

Wir Zöpfe

Premiere: 04.02.2015
Final show: 21.06.2015 (Currently no tickets available)

Berlin speaks and from Berlin speak: Wera, doctor, Jew, Russian, mother, daughter, the most beautiful woman in the world but doesn't realize it. Her daughter Nadeshda with short hair, a whiskey bottle in her luggage and an aborted foetus in her head-Ljubov, who observes it all. Konstantin, the patriarch of the family, hero of the Red Army, was once handsome, but now he's losing his hair and terrorizes daughter and granddaughter to get him a hair replacement and finally get their lives under control. Imran chimes in, the Kurdish flower seller who lands in Wera's hospital after neither the police nor the community wanted to come when the neo-Nazis stood outside his door. Then it's John's turn, the American who doesn't exactly know what he's doing in Berlin anymore. He wanted to open a bar, now he sits in a thrift shop, looking after nostalgic Soviet garbage. At night, he wanders the streets and looks for Nadeshda. Or someone else. 

Marianna Salzmann has written a comedy, relationship drama and Berlin monologue, in which the protagonists are intertwined with each other like braids in which the past lives on.

The text has emerged within the literature workshop"Rauş - Neue deutsche Stücke", in collaboration with the Ballhaus Naunynstraße.


Stage design





İlknur Bahadır

Anastasia Gubareva

Tim Porath


Dimitrij Schaad

Mehmet Yılmaz