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Schwimmen lernen
Schwimmen lernen
Schwimmen lernen
Schwimmen lernen
Schwimmen lernen

Schwimmen lernen

ein Lovesong von Sasha Marianna Salzmann

Felicia and her boyfriend Pep have only been together for five weeks, but they’re getting married! She loves him, he loves her. Pep offers Felicia a cozy jacket when it’s windy, and even drunken Sunday tea with the father-in-law is an adventure for her as long as Pep is there. Pep thinks their relationship is the best thing since sliced bread. But the universe has been known to produce many of these »best« things. Felicia falls in love with Lil, a woman that no one’s known for more than one night. Lil is a stranger in the country where she lives. Lil wants to go back to what people call her home. She asks Felicia if she wants to come along, and the two women make the journey together. They try to live a different life in that other country on the Black Sea, in Lil’s Country. But they are both strangers there. Felicia is left without language skills or a job, and Lil is torn between settling in and wanting to go away again.
Hakan Savaş Mican directs this play about three young people who struggle for acceptance in a world where relationships are no longer private and you owe it to the state to fill a traditional mold.

With English surtitles, excluding the premiere

Photo: Esra Rotthoff

Stage Photos: Ute Langkafel






Marina Frenk

Anastasia Gubareva

Dimitrij Schaad


„Hakan Savaş Micans Versuchsanordnung zu Marianna Salzmanns überzeugt in seiner poetischen Offenheit, seinem Schweben zwischen harter Realität und der Wunscherfüllung des Traums, er ist ein Liebeslied und ein schmerzvolles Gedicht – voller Leichtigkeit und Humor, aber eben auch erfüllt von großer Traurigkeit. er erzählt von einer Welt, die es nicht leicht macht, Heimat zu finden.“

Stage and Screen, Sascha Krieger