Onkel Wanja

Onkel Wanja

von Anton Tschechow Übersetzung aus dem Russischen von Peter Urban

Premiere: 02.05.2015
Final show: 21.02.2016 (Currently no tickets available)

Actually, Professor Serebryakov imagined that his retirement on his deceased wife's estate would be idyllic, but instead of finding loneliness, he meets the relatives. Actually, Vanya Voynitsky wanted to be a »Dostoyevsky«, but he sacrificed his ambitions for administrative functions in the countryside. Actually, the vegetarian doctor Astrov was already finished with love and life, but then, together with the professor, the beautiful Yelena arrives. Chekhov gathers his characters together in a place where none of them actually want to be. A comedy of aspirations between homecoming, wanderlust and the complicated search for »real« life.

Directed by
Nurkan Erpulat Übersetzung aus dem Russischen von Peter Urban


Stage design


Stage lighting



Mareike Beykirch

Marina Frenk

Anastasia Gubareva

Tim Porath

Sema Poyraz

Ruth Reinecke

Dimitrij Schaad

Falilou Seck


Funkelndes Feuerwerk
„Wie schon beim »Kirschgarten« verblüfft Hausregisseur Nurkan Erpulat nun auch bei »Onkel Wanja«, einem weiteren Tschechow-Drama, mit seiner erfrischend lockeren Spielweise, die ohne große Ausstattung auskommt und dennoch starke Bilder entwickelt.“

Gießener Allgemeine, Marion Schwarzmann