´61 – ´91 – ´21: Immer wieder Deutschland

Fokus Hessen

Theater-maker Tuğsal Moğul provides insight into an emerging play about the racist terrorist attack of February 19, 2020 in Hanau. His NSU play Auch Deutsche unter den Opfern (Germans Also Among the Victims, 2015) serves at its foil. In a following conversation moderated by Heike Kleffner with Niculescu Păun, the father of Vili-Viorel Păun, who was murdered in Hanau, and Ahmed I., who was stabbed in the back near Kassel in 2016, Hessen comes into focus, where both Halit Yozgat, Walter Lübcke were murdered by Nazis and the so-called "NSU 2.0" appears to be located.

We will also broadcast the event via livestream.

This event is part of ’61–’91–’21: Immer Wieder Deutschland, the accompanying programme for the exhibition Offener Prozess.