»We’re standing on the edge of a knife.« Leonie Böhm’s appropriation of this ancient tragedy begins at a point when all is not yet lost. In a fervent balancing act, the performers dust off the old words in the here and now and fight with them over the ability to act. Recombined texts and thoughts from one of the world’s most famous plays create a resonant space for the present, in which we can face the »curses« carried within us over generations. How can the change in consciousness necessary for sustainable change be made possible? How can we let go of the roadblocks keeping us from reinventing, reconnecting ourselves? »And here, all at once, a cyclone stirs up the dust from the ground and fills the plain, shredding all the leaves in the forest, the air is full of it!«

Leonie Böhm is known for concentrating canonized texts down to the thoughts and feelings residing in them. Classics are durable. They can be carved up, condensed and compiled in a new way. Compared to the present again and again, and their characters interrogated about our here and now. The focus in the process is on aiming to take their thoughts and feelings seriously and to understand them in their actions. Leonie Böhm’s perspective on the ancient myth of Medea* was invited to the 2021 Theatertreffen festival.


Premiere on 16/April 2023


Photo: Esra Rotthoff
Stage photos: Ute Langkafel

Based on
Leonie Böhm & Ensemble
Directed by
Leonie Böhm


Stage design


Live music

Lighting design



Julia Riedler


Lea Draeger

Eva Löbau