Slippery Slope


And now, finally it is »back to normal!« Wait a minute – is it even possible to return to normal after enduring a major crisis? Haven’t the world and I both changed? And even if it were possible, should the old order full of societal limitations and exclusions, which was steering toward a »planetary dead end«, really be the goal at all?
Perhaps what we are experiencing is a unique second chance – to fundamentally change the direction of our own development and larger structural systems. Every new beginning has a magic inherent in it. But every new beginning also comes with a risk. What if the new beginning goes out of control and slides right down the slippery slope toward the abyss? We are standing anxiously at an unknown crossroads: Perhaps, having just escaped one hell, a still unknown path threatens to drop us even deeper into a new hell …
For her new project, director Yael Ronen constructs a musical revue with singer-songwriter Shlomi Shaban about the joy and terror of having escaped once again.  

Photo: Ezra Rotthoff

A Musical Cabaret by
Shlomi Shaban, Yael Ronen
Directed by
Yael Ronen
Shlomi Shaban


Emre Aksızoğlu

Anastasia Gubareva

Riah Knight

Lindy Larsson Forss

Vidina Popov