Premiere: 17.03.2017
Final show: 04.07.2018 (Currently no tickets available)

A young woman, who finds the love of her life in a chat, entrusts herself to him, and is ready to leave for Syria. When her plan fails, she packs her rucksack full of knives and goes to the nearest train station. He flees to a friend, the one his parents warned him about.

»You expect something, you expect something from the world, and that expectation is a nerve that twitches.«

Sasha Marianna Salzmann's new text for the theatre, Zucken (Twitching), tells of young people who feel an increasing distance between themselves and the usual uncertainties of everyday life: political doubt, sexual surprises and the impossibility of responding to life's big, honest questions with indifference. Why do people whose lives are just beginning embark on a journey to find radical alternatives to what the social consensus has arranged for them?

Eine Produktion des jungen theater basel und des Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin. Die Arbeit von Sasha Marianna Salzmann wurde gefördert durch die Heinz und Heide Dürr Stiftung. Die Aufführungen in Berlin werden durch prohelvetia unterstützt.


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Photo: Esra Rotthoff



Martha Benedict

Yusuf Çelik

Doğan Çoban

Elif Karci

Timo Muttenzer

Helena Simon

Cara Stauffenegger