Uwe Heinrich

Uwe Heinrich (dramaturgy) - born 1965 in Dresden. Studied art education and German in Radebeul and theater education in Berlin.
1991 engaged as a drama teacher at the Theater Junge Generation in Dresden. In 1996, he began to manage the suburban theater in Basel. In 1999, he first moved to the young theater basel as a theater pedagogue, where a year later he took over the management of the house. At jtb, he produces 2 professional productions per season with adolescents for young people. This includes the dramaturgical accompaniment of the samples. His collaborations with directors such as Sebastian Nübling, Suna Gürler and choreographers such as Ives Thuwis also benefit from the theater classes he leads, in which he introduces young people to contemporary theater work.

Since 1999, he has been developed performances in these courses that include issues of the adolescents. For many young people, these courses define first stage experiences, which they later professionally continue. In 2008 he received the Basel Culture Prize for his work.