Woyzeck III_Maxim Gorki Theater

Woyzeck III

Magic Murder Mystery frei nach Georg Büchner

Look around you, Woyzeck. Where are you? Whose eyes are staring at you? We’re still waiting for you, waiting for you to defend yourself. You, Woyzeck, whine and babble, and you find your identification of your problem pleasing. Instead of getting rid of it, you caress it. But you have to decide!

How much Woyzeck does a person need? Woyzeck deliberately commits an act that has consequences. He’s still the victim of circumstances in the original work, but here Woyzeck appears through sounds, songs, and text in the grimaces of five players that seek meaning instead of forgiveness.

Premiere: April 4th, 2014

Mirko Borscht und Ensemble


Directed by

Stage design




Tamer Arslan

Mareike Beykirch

Dimitrij Schaad

Falilou Seck

Till Wonka