رحلة الشتاء

January 2017. The Gorki's newly founded Exil Ensemble – consisting of seven new-Berliner, professional actors from Afghanistan, Syria and Palestine – beginns the research process for its first production with Gorki resident director Yael Ronen. Two weeks of winter travel by bus through Germany, a foray to Switzerland. How do Maryam Abu Khaled, Karim Daoud, Tahera Hashemi, Mazen Aljubbeh, Kenda Hmeidan and Yael Ronen perceive this land of exile during the trip? How do they evaluate their encounters with natives: with their fellow performer Niels Bormann, with the experts who try to explain Germany, or with the bus driver? What mutual overtures are made, how are interpersonal relations explored?

Photo: Esra Rotthoff

Stage Photos: Ute Langkafel

Opening night 8/April


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Winterreise رحلة الشتاء ist eine Produktion des Maxim Gorki Theaters Berlin in Koproduktion mit dem Schauspielhaus Zürich, gefördert durch die deutsche Kulturstiftung des Bundes, der LOTTO-Stiftung Berlin, der Stiftung Mercator sowie durch den Lotteriefonds des Kantons Zürich.

About the Exil Ensemble


Yael Ronen & Exil Ensemble
Directed by
Yael Ronen


Maryam Abu Khaled

Mazen Aljubbeh

Niels Bormann

Karim Daoud

Kenda Hmeidan