Golden Gorkis

Premiere: Warum der rote Boden?

Die Golden Gorkis Ensemble 60+

Why is the floor of the set for the new work by the Golden Gorkis red? We don’t know. Red out of desire, shame, or ignorance? Red because a battle will take place on this floor, a wild birthday party with flying cherry creampies? Perhaps, the floor is only red because, for the Golden Gorkis, as living specialists in many things, a red floor is the perfect symbol and playing field for all those natural, imaginary, real, sudden, openly political, sinisterly irritating and heart meltingly beautiful transitions they will tell us of. Everything pops. And what colour is the last of all transitions, which this oldest-in-years »youth club« will smile at and devote themselves to?

Text Die Golden Gorkis Künstlerische Leitung Ron Rosenberg Ausstattung Marco Michelle Dramaturgie Holger Kuhla Regieassistenz Naomi Heimann Assistenz Gorki X Tessa Nadjafian, Anaïs Rufer, Samir Suliman

Mit Henriette Bothe, Eric Czotscher, Bernd Ocker Hölters, Peter Fieback, Martha Hölters-Freier, Carlos Levy, Koos Martens, Siggi Matthes, Leyla Mehrmann, Hans Peter Niendorf, Simone Robitzsch, Rita Roy, Rezwan Samadi, Liz Schmidt, Ursula Schmidt-Bichler, Johanna Skirecki, Charlie Sörensen, Johannes Storks & Monika Zimmering

Premiere 10/Mai 2024

Graphic design: Jona Dienst




Golden Gorkis (Ensemble 60+)