Üftade means, in its literal sense, someone who is addicted and dependent on the help of others. It also means someone who longs for past days after experiencing disasters. At the same time, »Üftade« is the name of the street where a theater was located, only 100 meters away from Gezi Park... In the 2010s, many small theaters were opened in Istanbul. Founded particularly by young people, these theaters completely changed the system and revolutionized the understanding of »new« theater. These theaters in Beyoğlu played an important role during the Gezi resistance in 2013. They tried to bring their revolution onto the stage because there could not be a better stage than Gezi for these theaters that had something to say about the world, life, and the country. Üftade is the story of a small theater that was located right next to Gezi Park at that time. It is the story of a theater that was transformed into a hospital by the resistors, where the injured found refuge and doctors could work. During the Gezi resistance, this theater did what it did best: heal wounds, heal people, and give them some breathing room.


With Ahmet Özer, Sandra Ruffin, Ufuk Tan Altunkaya  Music Coşkun Akmeriç Project Assistant Sezer Gündüz Dramaturg Egemen Kalyon

Part of 6. Berliner Herbstsalon GEZİ – TEN YEARS AFTER. Ein Prolog im Frühling


Photo: Berrin Brüggemann