Didem Kaplan

Didem Kaplan, born in October 1989, completed her Bachelor's degree in Management in the field of Performing Arts/Art Management at Istanbul Bilgi University. She then completed her Master's degree in Cultural Management at the same university. During her Bachelor's studies, Kaplan began working at the cultural institution garajistanbul and soon became a founding member and artist of the important alternative theatre company Mekan Artı, where she worked for about seven years. Didem Kaplan has written numerous plays, screenplays and film scripts, stories and articles. Her plays have been performed at many international festivals and her screenplays are shown on television, digital platforms and in cinemas. With her play Violence Trilogy 3 - Pen, she was awarded the Playwright of the Year award at the XV. Direklerarası Audience Awards. Didem Kaplan still works in the field of screenplay and playwriting.