Theater ist endlich ist Theater

Theater ist endlich ist Theater 2016

Authors: Luna Ali / Olga Grjasnowa / Mehdi Moradpour / Necati Öziri / Tucké Royale / Jayrôme C. Robinet / Akin E. Şipal / Jakob Nolte, Directors: Daniel Cremer / Nurkan Erpulat / Katharina Kummer / Wera Mahne / Michael Ronen / Johannes Maria Schmit / Rico Wagner / Julia Wissert

We're welcoming in the New Year with our legendary happening format: What are our resolutions, what are we hoping for, what are we scared of? On the 2nd of January—just sobered up after New Year's—theatre makers will meet with the audience at the bar at 22:00. We will continue to drink, and talk and think about what we want to see and hear on stage. Overnight the writers retreat to their darkrooms. The next morning the directors and actors will meet for rehearsals. Premiere is on January 3rd at 20:30. New year, new beginnings!


İlknur Bahadır

Elmira Bahrami

Eva Bay

Mareike Beykirch

Elizabeth Blonzen

Mateja Meded

Cynthia Micas

Jasmina Musić

Tim Porath

Antje Prust

Falilou Seck

Fatma Souad

Volkan Türeli

Hans Unstern

Till Wonka

Paul Wollin

Mehmet Yılmaz