Porträt Fatma Souad

Fatma Souad

Fatma Souad is an artist who expresses herself through dance, performing and visual arts and the writing of poems and short stories. Via SO 36 in Berlin, she is one of the organisers for the transgenial Kreuzberg CSD and has organised the homoOriental dancefloor Gayhane since 1998 there. In 1995 she founded the four-member Turkish-German TransDanceTheatreFormation Salon Oriental. This has been acclaimed for its performances in Freiburg, Copenhagen and Hong Kong, among others. She has played supporting roles in films like Lola & Billidikidby Kutlug Ataman,Wigstöckel-Transgender United, participated in X-berg Rap’s mediaspree versenken! by Ari Som and Samira Fansa, and has won the Berlin Neighbourhood Song Contest.


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