ERIAC – European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture e. V

The Tajsa Prize represents the essence of ERIAC's mission, focusing on Roma history and cultural heritage while simultaneously looking forward to reshaping and reinventing various forms of Roma cultural expression for the generations to come.
The featured artists of this ceremony include the young musical talent Penelope Tordai from Hungary on the cimbalom, one of the winners of last year's ERIAC’s »Proud Roma Talent Competition«. Mónika Lakatos, the lead singer of the Romengo band and the first artist of Romani descent to receive the WOMEX Award in 2020, accompanied by Mihály »Mazsi« Rostás on the guitar. A real prodigy from Spain, flamenco pianist Anton Cortés, will continue the night, who just received the prestigious Venencia Flamenca, the highest award in the frame of the »Flamenco de la Mistela« Festival. The evening will culminate in an authentic flamenco show by Farruquito, an adaptation of his newest choreography, Íntimo.
For the third time, the Tajsa Prize celebrates and honours exceptional individuals who are leading voices in the contemporary Roma cultural movement.

TAJSA is a production of the European Roma Institute of Arts and Culture (ERIAC).