Mythen der Wirklichkeit #6

Suleyman is a curious, peculiar boy. He wants to become a veterinarian, collects beetles. Then he goes to school, studies the Quran, becomes radical. Suleyman becomes Suleymankurt. In Turkish-language mythology, the »mankurt« is a particularly obedient slave. His hair is shaved off and camel leather sewn onto his head. Instead of growing outward, his hair penetrates his brain. Deprived of his mind, a mankurt no longer knows that he was once a human being. Myths and legends are often instrumentalised by national-conservative movements. The Myths of Reality series reclaims these stories! In the series’ sixth instalment, Ahmet Sami Özbudak and Serkan Öz tell of a Turkish education system that’s being increasingly co-opted by religious influences.

Premiere: May 25th, 2018

Die Reihe Mythen der Wirklichkeit wird gefördert aus Mitteln der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

Photo: © Esra Rotthoff




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