Prosa der Verhältnisse #22

Prosa der Verhältnisse #22


In the hope of a different, better life, Hüseyin worked hard in Germany for thirty years to finally fulfil his dream for himself and his family: owning a flat in Istanbul. But then on the day of the move, he has a heart attack and dies without ever being able to begin this other life. His family travels from Germany for his funeral, five fundamentally different people with very disparate ways of life and yet connected through the deep secrets, longings and scars they carry. Sasha Marianna Salzmann in conversation with Fatma Aydemir on her new novel, Dschinns (Jinns), which, full of power, beauty and melancholy, traces the history of a family and, in the process, takes a look deep into the past decades, as well as far into the future.

Illustration © LEYLA SEHAR

Die Literaturreihe Prosa der Verhältnisse findet in Kooperation mit der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung statt

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