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Project O

O is me, O is you, O is us. O neutralizes everything, not just your gender. O is the gender neutral pronoun in Turkish. O needs no beginning or end.

The performance is a concert, lecture performance, and party all at once. It centers Anthony's personal and artistic journey as a queer, non-binary person of color through their childhood and present and dives into memories of the queer idol Zeki Müren. Project O celebrates the genderless third person pronoun O.

Videos by Fırat Gürgen (Bir Sevgi İstiyorum, Gizli Aşk, Yıldızların Altında), May Parlar (Gökdelenler), Anthony Hüseyin (Milk), Emrah Gökmen (Pipe) and Cynthia-el Hasbani

Visuals in the video by Mahir Duman (Yıldızların Altında)

Photo by Maud van Roosmalen (Pipe) 

Graphic Design by Imad Gebrayel, Nisrine Najem


Premiere: 1/September 2022

In English and Turkish

Content Note: Retelling of racist and anti-queer situations

Part of 6. Berliner Herbstsalon GEZİ – TEN YEARS AFTER. Ein Prolog im Frühling.

Photo: Esra Rotthoff
Stage Photos © Fırat Gürgen