Michael(a) Daoud

Michael(a) Daoud is an interdisciplinary Queer Artivist; Conceptual and Visual artist, performer, dancer and choreographer. They grew up in Egypt, studied Art and Architecture in Syria and based in Berlin since 2015 where they study dance, context and choreography at the University of The Arts Berlin. 

Daoud works with the idea of «Home» as a medium to conceptualize their artistic approach and start an open dialogue with the audience to reflect on contemporary issues.

Daoud's focus is on the history of modern human legacy and its impact on culture in their storytelling, including individual experiences of migrants, but also views on immigration in relation to the eternal state of human exile.

Michael(a) Daoud has presented their work in Berlin at Haus der Statistik, CoCulture, Schwules Museum, Berlin Aids-Hilfe, the University of the Arts Berlin Rundgang 2019-2020, English Theatre Berlin EXPO 2020 Festival, PAF – Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2018-2021-2022, STAMP street art festival 2021-2022/ Hamburg, Oslo World Festival 2020/Norway and SIFA - Singapore International Festival of Arts 2022 amongst others.


Foto: Michael(a) Daoud