Political Voice Institute
The fields of work

Political Voice Institute

Work at the POLITICAL VOICE INSTITUTE takes place in the following fields:

  • the INSTITUTE enters disputed territories, it does not hesitate to transgress the »no platform«  rule and the principles of political correctness,
  • the INSTITUTE is open to working with people of extreme opinions. It uses the languages and voices of radical counter-audiences. It literally encounters the bodies and languages of OTHERS,
  • the INSTITUTE’S PERFORMING TEAM experiments with contemporary body/voice techniques and polyphony,
  • the CHOREO CHORUS initiates work on dance technique and the choreography of collectivity,
  • the INSTITUTE creates librettos, manifestos, performances, it initiates public debate, performative actions and political interventions in the public space,
  • the INSTITUTE initiates practical work in the spirit of intersectional feminism and collective memory studies,
  • the INSTITUTE undertakes work and research on the workshop for the new society – practices of finding voice, giving voice, hearing and listening.