Mely Kiyak hat Kunst

Mely Kiyak hat Kunst | 1

Wo ist unsere Kunst zu Hause?

Mely Kiyak hat Kunst is the title of the new series at the Gorki. Because when we are at our most heartbroken, that is precisely the right time for honour and beauty.  Art can point out, reveal, amuse, take us to highs and lows, but it doesn’t have to. Art doesn’t have to do anything. That makes it sublime and free. Our theatre columnist will invite her artist friends and those that she admires. Every evening is a goodie bag. For the launch of this new discussion series, Mely Kiyak’s guest will be Tocotronic musician and author Dirk von Lowtzow. These two friends will read excerpts of their texts and discuss the following question: »where is our art at home?«.

Mely Kiyak in conversation with Tocotronic musician and author  Dirk von Lowtzow

  The Series  

Grafik: Deniz Keskin